CHIAYO SQ1016V Microphone

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Product Overview
Hand held microphone transmitter, 16 channel UHF with volume control, requires 2 x AA batteries
  • 16 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies from 600-900 MHz per 20 MHz bandwidth
  • ±40 KHz peak deviation
  • Pilotone Control
  • Volume adjustable directly on the microphone itself
  • Changeable dynamic or condenser microphone capsule
  • No handling noise in handheld with condenser capsule
  • Handheld housing coated with rubberised paint for smooth holding
  • Rotary switch channel selector
  • Low current consumption
  • Up to 16 hours of operation with 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Colour ring on handheld microphone identifies channel
  • Matching battery charger: HC-30