Mipro MA705PAM6 Portable PA System

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Portable PA, 70 watts, AC/DC rechargeable. c/w 1 x 16 channel UHF wireless receiver module.

Weighing under 10kg and delivering 50 watts of power, the Mipro MA705 has set a new benchmark for performance in Portable Public Address Systems.

Use with ACT transmitter(6B Frequency band).

Complete list of MA705 series accessories - click here.

Ideal applications include:

    • Schools
    • Church services and weddings
    • Meetings, seminars and presentations
    • Shopping centre presentations and promotions
    • Aerobics and fitness centres
    • Hobby & leisure clubs
    • Street/Festival performers
    • Auctions

Key features:

    • Modern attractive appearance with functional retractable handled and handy wheel ensures portability over any distance.
    • 70 Watts (RMS) power output that deliver clear and powerful sound for speech and high quality music outdoors or indoors via a full-range high efficiency 8" loudspeaker.
    • Rechargeable built-in batteries and AC switching power supply provides up to 8 hours continuous use from a fully charged battery system.
    • 1 wired, 2 wireless microphones and other audio sources can be mixed simultaneously to the input.
    • Suitable for Hand-carry, table-top or integrated tripod stand mounting.
    • Quick to set-up and simple to operate.
    • Handles crowd of up 600 people.
    • Built-in CD player.
    • Weight: 9.8kg

Boasting more than ten years of mass production, MA705 remains a product leader due to its compact, rugged and reliability design. This system delivers loud and clear sound quality and is ideal for small to medium crowds.