Mipro MB-80 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Case

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Mipro MB-80 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Case is designed to hold four 65~70mm (length) lithium iron phosphate batteries. Four series-connected battery voltage coincides and are compatible with the voltage of 12V lead-acid batteries. Therefore, it can be a direct replacement battery for the existing MB-70 lead-acid battery inside the MIPRO MA-707, MA-708 & MA-808 portable wireless PA systems.

Currently, the lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO or LFP battery) is recognized as the leader for number of charge and discharge cycles of rechargeable battery. Generally, the average life of a rechargeable lead-acid or lithium battery is 500 discharge-recharge cycles. Higher quality LiFePO or LFP has up to 2,000 discharge-recharge cycles. It is considered as an enviromnetally friendly battery, superior cycle life, reduced failures and half the weight of an equivalent capacity lead-acid, thus, an ideal replacement and upgrade battery option. It is readily available by MIPRO and online battery shops.

MB-80 has BMS smart battery management circuits and provides safe charging protection technology and extremely long life cycles.

Note: Batteries not included

Key Features:

  • It holds four MB-15/26650/32700 LFP model type battery.
  • Same polarity direction insertion with screws and hooks for secured and easy installation.
  • Standard output voltage 12.8V ; maximum continuous output current up to 8A.
  • Safe shorts circuits technology prevents overcharging and safe operation.
  • Each battery has overcharge and over discharge protection circuits; overcharge protection voltage 3.9V ; over-discharge protection voltage 2.0V.
  • Smart management circuit ensures balanced charging and discharge states.
  • Four 32650 high-capacity rechargeable LFP batteries installed in a MB-80 can be interchangeable with one MB-70 rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Refer to MA-707/708/808 specifications for charge and standby times.
  • Flame retardant class V0.