Lecterns and Podiums is Australia’s leading seller of Lecterns from industry-leading brands. We offer Portable Lecterns, Multimedia Lecterns, Height Adjustable Lecterns, Wooden Lecterns and al different and customisable types of church and conference lecterns.

We understand the competitive nature of business and believe our products and services will help transform any office, personal workspace or education environment.

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 Our products can be distributed Australia-wide and our delivery and installation services are also available across the country. We can draw on our many years of experience in the audio-visual and business industries to ensure you receive the most competitive and professional assistance and help you get the most out of your lectern and podium products as soon as possible. Most of our lecterns are shipped in 1-3 days (non customisable) and you can order and pay online to help make the process faster. We also accept purchase orders, so please email us if you wish to pay this way.

If you’re in the market for a portable lectern, conference lectern, wooden lectern of lectern with electronics, will have the solution. We are committed to giving our customers the same high level of support and assistance no matter their location or requirements and are proud to be Australia’s leading Lecterns and Podiums seller.

Please feel free to contact our professional and friendly staff with any enquiries or questions you may have about our range of lecterns or other quality products, as well as any of the helpful services we provide.