CHIAYO DPRB500M Digital Recorder/Player

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Product Overview
Digital Recorder/Player w/Bluetooth module to suit Focus 505 PA
Recording through the Line-in recording directly to a USB or SD Card
Offer USB and SD Card function of each replication
Recording format is most popular MP3 audio format
Accept the capacity of 128MB to 16G USB / SD Card / SDHC
With a language learning function, can be broadcast repeatedly at designated areas
Adjustable recording quality, provide choice of 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps and 192Kbps
Able to store up to 99 folders, or 999 tracks in SD Card or USB
Remote control included

  • Digital recorder player with Bluetooth receiver function.
  • Able to record and read MP3 files in the USB and SD card.
  • LCD displays track information, e.g. file number, name, play time and modes.
  • Different repeat and play modes for selection.
  • Far more compact in size than traditional modules.
  • Remote control for more setting convenience.
  • Individual power/volume control on the panel.

Product Downloads
DPRB500M Brochure
DPRB500M Manual


Model  DPRB-500M
Audio output  0dB±1.5dB (1KHz Sine Wave,0dB MP3)
Frequency response  50Hz-20KHz±3dB
Power supply  DC12V
File format  MP3,WAV,WMA
Recordable MP3(128kbps,44kHz)
Storage system format  FAT,FAT32
Acceptable storage device  USB.SD
Supply voltage 12V,30mA
Audio Stereo in, mono out
LED Red: scan, Green: lock.
No matching→both flash alternatively. Matched→green flashes.
Standard Bluetooth 3.0
Capability Bluetooth 2.1+RED and Bluetooth 2.0,1.2 and 1.1
Frequency 2.4~2.48Ghz
Modulation method GFSK, 3Mbps 
Sensitivity -90dBm at 0.1%BER
Profiles A2DP 1.2
Dimensions (mm)  46*160*90
Weight (g)  121
Matched Amplifier Focus 505(L), Focus 505, Focus 500
** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.