CHIAYO RP5100m Repeater

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Product Overview

Chiayo RP5100M 100 Channel Repeater Module allows you to connect to other systems with a 100 Channel wireless receiver.

  • Modular design for easy installation/uninstallation.
  • 100-frequency selectable.
  • High/Low output power for selection.
  • All audio sources, including music and microphone, can be transmitted via a single RP-6100m.
  • Gain control for audio sensitivity adjustment.
  • Mountable to cabinet when installed in a 19” kit.
  • Compatible with CHIAYO portable amplifiers for wireless audio link.
  • No limitation to the number of passive/active speaker in the audio link application.
  • Suitable for activities of larger space requirement such as forums or sports events in a stadium.
Model RP-5100M
Frequency Range UHF 600 - 900 MHz
Switching Bandwidth 25 MHz
Switchable Frequency 100
RF Power Output High 100mW, Low 35mW
Spurious Emission > 60 dB below carrier
Dynamic Range > 110 dB
Display Screen 7-segment LED
T.H.D. < 0.5%
Power Supply DC 12V
Peak Deviation ±40KHz
Antenna Socket TNC type
** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.