D-Series Double Bay Lecterns

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The D-Series multimedia double bay curved lectern is a two door wide lectern with optional pull out keyboard drawer and angled data panel to house touch screens, power/data points etc. The top has been designed so that the angled "data panel" and work surface can be made at any angle allowing for a comfortable viewing angle for monitor displays.

D-Series multimedia double bay curved lectern comes standard with two adjustable/removable internal shelves, lockable/removable hinged doors and service panel. The overall height and width of the D-Series lectern is fixed as standard.

Product Dimension:

Curved back lectern with angled work surface

  • Usable internal height: 777mm (17RU), Usable internal depth: 639mm, Usable internal height, under optional drawer: 694mm (15RU)
  • Overall height 1190mm, Overall width 808mm, Overall depth 794mm


*Please contact us with a quote for freight for the D Series Lecterns

Manufacture time 7- 10 working days plus delivery