G-Series Double Bay Lecterns

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G-Series Double Bay Lecterns

The G-Series double bay lectern is a two-door wide lectern with a wide flat worksurface. The angled data panel can house touch screens, power/data points etc.

The audience side of the G-Series Double bay lectern has angled perforated aluminum panels that can be powder coated in any available powder coat color.

G-Series Double Bay lecterns come standard with four adjustable internal shelves, lockable doors and lockable/removable service panel.

The G-Series double bay internal width is large enough to house AV rack frames. Rack stripping can also be supplied as an option.

Databoard height is fixed so there are some limits to the size of the touch panel that is to be fitted. Contact us to discuss sizing.

​G-Series double bay lecterns come fully assembled.


G-Series Double bay

Internal height (without optional keyboard drawer): 744mm (16ru)
Internal height (With optional keyboard drawer): 664mm (14ru)
Internal width: 592mm
Internal depth: 658mm
Worksurface height (to lowest edge): 870m

Overall Dimensions: 1070mm high * 1770mm wide * 730mm deep

Manufacture time 7- 10 working days plus delivery