Senator Lectern, Lectern with electronics

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The Senator is a benchmark product of the Australian leading lectern manufacturer Lectern Australia. It is widely used in hotels, conference centres, government departments and other companies. This lectern gives you a simple and easy to use electronic lectern. It is available in a variety of colours however the black podium lectern is widely demanded. The lectern microphone helps you to make your presentation effective. This lectern is available Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Australia wide.

Key Features

  • Unique lift and lock top
  • Complete flexibility
  • Transportable and Small Vehicle in Back

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Lectern Accessories

  • Light and Power Pack
  • Range of Microphones including Radio Microphones
  • Programmable Control Systems
  • Equipment Shelf
  • Lap Top Shelf
  • Castors
  • Carry Case

 Manufacture time 7- 10 working days plus delivery